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Cable glands / Cable entry systems

Secure cable glands / cable entry systems

Wires and cables need a way to enter enclosures in order to connect the components inside to other machines and devices. Unfortunately, simply cutting a hole would leave the components inside vulnerable to water and dust ingress and nullify any safety barrier previously established by the enclosure. Cable glands and cable entry systems can provide a secure inlet for cables and wires while protecting your valuable components.

There are several cable entry options available:

  • Cable glands (polyamide, brass, or stainless steel)
  • Environmental engineering
  • Modular cable entry systems
  • Divisible cable glands


Cable glands / Cable entry systems online from Automation24

At Automation24, we offer a huge selection of cable glands and cable entry systems at excellent prices available online from excellent manufacturers like PFLITSCH and CONTA-CLIP. Choose from a variety of excellent cable entry solutions available now. Like polyamide cable gland PFLITSCH blueglobe M20x1.5 - bg 220PA with M20 x 1.5 thread and 5-14 mm sealing range. If you have the need to seal multiple cables of a variety of sizes, take a look at cable entry system CONTA-CLIP KDS-Set 10/24 Bk - 28605.4, which is fully customizable to suit your application.

At Automation24, we offer cable glands and cable entry systems at excellent prices. Select the perfect solution for your application today!