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  • Analog signal converter
  • 0-1/5/10 Amp AC/DC input
  • 0-20/4-20/-20-20 ma current output
  • 0-10/2-10/0-5/1-5/-5-5/-10-10 V voltage output
  • 1 CO digital relay output
  • screw terminals
  • Potentiometer and DIP switch parameterization
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Analog signal converter Weidmüller ACT20P-CML-10-AO-RC-S - 2044850000

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Item number: 402177
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Technical details
General data

Analog signal converter
0-1/5/10 A AC/DC
<0.75 % FSR %

Electrical data

16.8 V
31.2 V
Analog (voltage & current)/1 CO (Relay)

Mechanical data

Screw terminals

Ambient conditions

-25 °C
60 °C

Further information




Product description
Analog signal converter Weidmüller ACT20P-CML-10-AO-RC-S - 2044850000
With Weidmüller analog signal conditioning device ACT20P-CML-10-AO-RC-S - 2044850000, convert and isolate your current signals into useful and manageable signals for your input devices. The ACT20P-CML-10-AO-RC-S - 2044850000 takes current signals of 0-1, 0-5, or 0-10 ampps AC/DC. Output capabilities are excellent with a variety of analog current and voltage configurations, as well as a digital changeover contact. Programming on the ACT20P-CML-10-AO-RC-S - 2044850000 is simple by utilizing either the simple DIP switch configuration on the unit, or utilizing FDT/DTM software.
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