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Acme Electric

Acme Electric Are you looking for a reliable industrial control transformer to provide stable control voltage? We've got you covered with UL approved transformers from Acme Electric.


Acme Electric: A quality Hubbell company

Founded in 1917 in Cleveland, OH, Acme Electric has over 100 years of experience and expertise in the electrical product sector. Acme Electric entered the market with motor-driven battery chargers, electrical appliances and generators and in 1925 expanded its product range to include transformer-type battery chargers. In order to fully cover the range of equipment the market desired, they added dry-type distribution transformers to their list of top performing products in 1936. They have continued to grow their product lines over the years and remain committed to producing quality transformer products.

Applications for Acme Electric products

Industrial control transformers from Acme Electric provide a low and safe control voltage for the operation of numerous electromagnetic devices. Reducing supply voltage is necessary when operating motor starters, contactors, solenoids, timer circuits, relays, control panels and robotics.

Acme Electric products at Automation24

At Automation24 we are pleased to offer you a well-rounded selection of control and isolation transformers from Acme Electric. For example, the TB1000B008C offers protection against momentary current inrush without sacrificing voltage stability. The epoxy encapsulant ensures protection against external elements as well. If you are looking for a slighter voltage transformation, for example from 208 V AC to 240 V AC, take a look at our selection of Buck-Boost transformers like the 1 kVA Buck-Boost transformer Acme Electric T113073 which can solve three phase applications when two units are combined.

Find the perfect transformer for your application at Automation24. Questions? Contact us via the contact form on our website, chat or by telephone. Find Acme products at Automation24 at the best prices.